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  • 彼得伯勒-倒退联盟的诞生地?


    In a year's time,镇外的人会记得彼得伯勒的补选吗?在补缺选举中,新的右翼儿童在街区未能取得他们广受欢迎的威斯敏斯特突破!It didn't happen,每个人都应该松一口气,因为工党击败了…

  • 欧洲选举结果,当他们进来的时候,were bang on what had been predicted: the Brexit ‘Party' triumphant,Labour and the Tories humiliated,自由民主党和绿党都做得非常好,and Change UK nowhere to be seen.Let's just stop and think what that really...

  • In late April the European Movement organised a festival of democracy (民主依然存在)位于荷兰特克斯尔岛丹堡中心广场。The organisers invited a large number of organisations to participate including our friends民主社会(DemSoc).这个。。。

  • Several of our members and supporters have been in touch to ask whether Compass will take the lead in a ‘progressive alliance' campaign for the European elections in the UK,于2019年5月23日举行。建议多党联盟有助于避免…

  • 当地的选举结果至少显示了四件事:


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